2nd Album C4 Release!

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1.C4 / 2.kill the world / 3.exist / 4.piece of peace / 5.tell me why

Single "how do I look now"

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"how do I look now" is the opening song of ampcharwar 1st Album "psychonic". Single cut did this song.


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4th Sep.2010 NINE SPICES Shinjuku,Tokyo

”½DŠø•amp char war presents -h-amp-
ampcharwar / ”½DŠø / ÃƒJƒjöƒ€“úX / militarysniperpinfall / wah-wah / ”Û[i-na] / OA:h.t.n.k(from:amp char war,hankouki,caucasus,unitvak)

8th Aug.2010 Heaven's door Sangenchaya,Tokyo

limitless mixed match
‚‘¬ƒXƒpƒ€/ saltlee/ ampcharwar/ aozoa/ Kovacs and bOyBoY

23th Jun.2010 BABEL Tacikawa,Tokyo

5th Jun.2010 Heaven's door Sangenchaya,Tokyo

27th May.2010 Club Mission's Koenji,Tokyo


9th Mar.2010 SHELTER Shimokitazawa,Tokyo

26th Feb.2010 Heaven's door Sangenchaya,Tokyo

27th Jan.2010 Deepa Ohtsuka,Tokyo

’†‘º—D—¢/ROCCI/THE RAGNA ROCK/ Lost Refrain/spin

17th Jan.2010 HEADPOWER Power Shinjuku,Tokyo

MILITARY SNIPER PINFALL/“úò-higasa-/awkward hure/•——‹‰¹/Dievagate/soap /ampcharwar/care bear stare

13th Jan.2010 WILD WIDE TOKYO Shinjuku,Tokyo